About the Coderix Medical Team

Dr. Vincent Lam

Dr. Vincent Lam graduated from University of Toronto Medical School in 1999. He obtained his Canadian College of Family Physicians certification at the University of Toronto in 2001. Dr. Lam worked at the Toronto East General Hospital in the Department of Emergency Medicine until 2014. He has been a research consultant since 2004, with involvement in research around abuse-resistant opioids. Since 2013, Dr. Lam has worked in addictions medicine, and from 2013 to 2016 was an associate at TrueNorth Medical Centre. In 2016, Dr. Lam became the medical director of Coderix Medical Clinic.

Dr. Larisa Eibisch

Dr Larisa Eibisch practices family medicine at the Sherbourne Health Centre and addictions care at Coderix. Larisa is passionate about supporting marginalized and under-housed populations, particularly those struggling with addictions and mental health concerns. She has previously provided addictions care at The Works and Kick Start Clinics in Toronto. In addition to clinical medicine, Larisa is also a member of the Ontario College of Family Physicians Poverty Committee. In this role, she developed and delivers a workshop “Treating Poverty” which teaches physicians and medical students to understand and intervene in their patients’ social and economical health for the betterment of their physical health. Dr. Eibisch has a BA in Psychology from Dalhousie University (2000), completed her MD at the University of Toronto (2008) and her Masters of Public Health at Harvard University (2012). She has applied to be a Clinician-Educator through Toronto’s Department of Family and Community Medicine. Personally, Dr. Eibisch is passionate about nutrition and physical activity and fitness, endorsing both as a means to promote physical and mental fitness.

Dr. Jennifer Nicolle

Dr. Jennifer Nicolle completed medical school at McGill University and completed her family medicine residency in Toronto at St. Michael’s Hospital. She subsequently completed a 6-month fellowship program specializing in adolescent medicine. Dr. Nicolle has previously worked at St. Michael’s Hospital as a locum family physician. She currently works as a hospitalist physician on the inpatient units at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, in addition to providing addictions care at Coderix and working at Covenant House youth shelter through Inner City Health Associates. Dr. Nicolle is passionate about providing care to vulnerable and under-housed populations and has a particular interest in working with youth with addictions and concurrent disorders.

Dr. Alexandra Wilson

Dr. Alexandra Wilson is a Family and Addiction Medicine physician in Toronto. She received a BA from Queen’s University and an MD from the University of Calgary. Dr. Wilson completed her Family Medicine residency at the University of Toronto and went on to complete a year of specialized training in Addiction Medicine at the University of Toronto.