Dropping Anchor Exercise – by Russ Harris

Russ Harris Explains the Choice Point

Urge Surfing Guided Practice – by Naomi Goodlet

Urge Surfing With diagram – by Action on Addiction UK

Acceptance by Zindal Segal – (Note from Dr. Lam – Dr. Segal refers to MBCT, which is in the same intellectual tradition as ACT, and the discussion of acceptance here is entirely applicable to ACT.)

The Secret to Self Control – Dropping the Struggle, and Willingness to Have Cravings – by Jonathan Bricker – (Note from Dr. Lam – This video references smoking cessation, but the concepts apply to all addictions.)

ACT: Addressing Addiction – by Steve Hayes

Resources from Dr. Russ Harris, physician and ACT therapist

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Stress (Note from Dr. Lam – This video is about stress, but more importantly our interaction with it. It is not explicitly about ACT, but it does reference mindfulness – which is a core ACT concept – and I think many of the practical insights and suggestions here are very ACT-compatible.)

Coderix ACT Handouts

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