Women’s Focused Clinic

We are pleased to offer a Women’s Focused Clinic from 8 am to 10 am every Thursday morning, with Dr. Jennifer Nicolle. The women’s focused clinic will make use of a quiet waiting area away from the main waiting area. Dr. Nicolle will continue to see patients of all gender identifications from 10 am to 4 pm.

About the Women’s Focused Clinic:

At Coderix, we believe that a crucial aspect of care is establishing a feeling of safety for our patients. In particular, we recognize that women who engage with care often have unique needs that are gender-focused. This includes an exploration of the ways in which opioid use interacts with one’s expected gender roles in society. Furthermore, it involves an exploration of mental health and wellness, experiences of physical and metaphysical pain, and an exploration of experiences in the past that influence a woman’s decision to use opioids. At Coderix, we recognize that women who use opioids are often discriminated against, and thus we strive to provide an environment that is supportive and free of judgment. In an effort to provide safe spaces at our clinic, Coderix will be offering women-focused clinic hours once a week.